Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Saudi Arabia

Bechtel Arabia/Jubail and Yenbu Royal Commission

SUBCONTRACTOR: Al-Mukawel/The Contractor, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Design and Construction of a Graphic Arts Center in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

SERVICES: TII provided a design layout for the center that houses advanced copying, painting, drafting, and graphic instrumentation and equipment.  Two main frame computers were installed. Color overlays and combinations were done using commercial advertisement techniques.  Laser printers and etching equipment were installed.  TII also provided a U. S. expert to manage the project for one year.  This is in addition to the engineering work performed in the U.S.

RFP #: 114-C06


DURATION: 1 year

AMOUNT: $450,000 ($9.5M)

PROJECT MANAGER: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny

OTHER KEY PERSONNEL: On-Site: Jack Clements

Off-Site: KAT Peterson - Dr. Mansur Al-Ammar - Dr. Randy L. Hagenson

TECHNICAL MONITOR: Ahmed Abdel-Moety, the Contractor