Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Judy Rae Allen

At Technology International Incorporated (TII), Ms. Allen is Manager of Innovative Technology Transfer and Specialist in Health Care and Education. She has been active in leading the efforts in creation of new programs, including health care, economic development, and technology education. She is currently developing a program to introduce oil education in school curricula. She is also developing concepts for a theme park for representation of cultural, social, geographic, demographic, and historic aspects of oil producing states and countries. The park will involve technological and scientific exhibits and models. The theme park is expected to be located in Kuwait. Furthermore, she is coordinating company interfaces with other industries and local and State organizations, and supervising transfer of technology activities to the areas of education and training. Her expertise includes: technology enabling and communication facilitation.

Ms. Allen also served as Executive Director of the Greater Lafayette Health Care Forum (HCF), a non-profit corporation for community and economic development in the area of health care and biomedical science research and development. The Greater Lafayette HCF mission commits to the well-being of the people of Acadiana by promoting health care, education, and economic development. During her services, Ms. Allen is performing a host of services and has carried out various assignments, including: participation in advisory boards and organization of international, national, state, and local business, trade, technology transfer, and community service forums to enhance economic development, assistance to families and youth at risk, health care, handling of trauma and emergency services including ambulance service and care providing, elderly and retiree well being, financing opportunities, innovations, education quality, and information exchange.

As Education Consultant, for the Louisiana College System (June 5-20, 1989), Ms. Allen provided educational consulting services in the areas of higher level thinking skills, principles of student learning, student learning styles, metacognitive study strategies for students, effective school management, and school based management.

As Educational Representative/Consultant (1987-1989), Ms. Allen provided education consulting services for developing comprehensive social studies and science curriculum for grades K-12. She provided demonstrations and teacher training for hands-on application of process learning systems for teachers of life and earth science. She also conducted demonstration of teaching with students in geography, life science, and social science.

Ms. Allen also served on the State Department of Education for Special Plan Upgrading Reading (SPUR) as the Program's State Legislative Liaison (1985-1987) and Technical Assistant for Region IV (Acadiana-8 Parishes). The SPUR program impacted teachers and students, and provided inservice training (including research, documentation, and references) for superintendents, principals, and administrators. Training packets, included: teaching skills, mathematics, language, reading, problem solving, parents participation, standards and quality, and accreditation.

Prior to that, Ms. Allen was Special Education On-campus Coordinator/Speech and Hearing Therapist, where she coordinated the school sight services for curriculum and instruction for (2) schools with the district's Associate psychologist, school counselor, and educational Diagnostition, was directly responsible for education of emotionally disturbed students under direction of the consulting Psychiatrist and the ARD Committee, performed as a Speech Pathologist to elementary, junior and senior level students, and taught minimal brain injured students, grades 1-3, in reading, math and perceptual training.

Ms. Allen holds an M. Ed. from Sam Houston State University (1979) and a B.F.A. from Texas Christian University (1965). She attended several continuing education programs, including: mastery of Learning, coaching, teacher evaluation, communication Ms. Allen, has participated in, and/or attended, various workshops, seminars and meetings on business, inventions, new technology transfer, industry-educational institution cooperation approaches, innovations.

Ms. Allen held various positions in professional organizations, including: Lafayette Citizens for Public Education, Beacon Ltd, Learning Disability School Board, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce: Education Committee, Women Business Owners Association of Acadiana, Southwest Education Development Laboratories, Acadiana International Business Council, American Heart Association, Louisiana Citizens for Fiscal Reform, and International Reading Association.

Ms. Allen is certified in Speech and Hearing Therapy, as teacher for Socially Maladjusted and Emotionally Disturbed, as School Principal, and as Parish/City School Supervisor of Instruction.