Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Kara Establishment

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), Golden, CO

Subcontractor: Kara Establishment, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Environment Controlled Agriculture


DURATION: 3 months

AMOUNT: $695,000

PROJECT MANAGER: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny

OTHER KEY PERSONNEL: Dr. Randy L. Hagenson - Dr. Terry E. Dix - Gary P. McLagan - Dr. Said I. Abdel-Khalik

TECHNICAL MONITOR: Mr. Tareq Osman Al-Kasabi, KARA


Al-Kasabi, Tareq O., Abdel-Khalik, Said I., Dix, Terry E., Hagenson, Randy L., Husseiny, Abdo A., McLagan, Gary P., LaPorta, Carlo, and Matthews, Judy (1981).  Design of a Commercial Solar-Powered Greenhouse.  Desalination, 39, 53.

Husseiny, Abdo A., and Dix, Terry E. (1981).  SOLAG, A computer code for simulation, optimization and cost analysis of solar-driven installations; agriculture and aquaculture, TII Comp Lab Rep TIWA-2O8l768/C.


TII provided a conceptual design of a passive solar greenhouse for hot and humid arid area wherein water was purified by a solar still located on the roof of the structure and another still covering a solar pond.  The structure encloses several compartments for growing, cold storage, packaging and shipment, control and monitoring room, and administration.  Cooling is provided by fans and a rock energy storage.  The solar pond is used to generate electricity.  Water, nutrients, pesticides and herbicides were provided through a drip system.  The soil was formed by sand and gravel in most of the growth area.  A hydroponic system was also included for special plants.  The cost was estimated at 1 $M per hectare.  The breakeven was about 9 months.