Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Electric Utility Industry

Shoreham Nuclear Power Station - Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO), Long Island, NY

Radiochemistry Technicians Service

CONTRACT #: 369878-3

STARTING DATE: December 1983

DURATION: 2 year

AMOUNT: $2,000,000

PROJECT MANAGER: Michael Barnett

OTHER KEY PERSONNEL: On-Site: Bill Rigby, Ron Krusz, Paul Lynch, Bob Paradez, Tom McCabe, Brian Riordan, Kamal Shah, Harold Jenkins, Bill Scott, Joe Licata, Jack Halverson, Richard Plommer, Larry Godby, Tom Williams, Tom Seuss

Off-Site: Dr. Zeinab A. Sabri

TECHNICAL MONITOR: Dr. Bill Morcos, LILCO; Dr. Steve Daniel, LILCO

Services: TII provided the services of radiochemistry technicians to LILCO's radiochemistry section.  The technicians augment the forces of the radiochemistry staff and work for, with, and along-side other members of the permanent radiochemistry staff.