Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Saudi Arabian Government

Curricula and Education Programs: K-12 in Science Mathematics and English Language.

Dec 2007-Feb 2008; Makkah Province Development; MPD

Monitor: Dr. Sami Ben Yasseen Brahmin, Umul-Qura University

PI: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny


Abdo A. Husseiny (Feb 2008). Curricula and Education Programs: K-12 in Science Mathematics and English Language. TII-VA Report TILA-200802-MPDEd-SA-001.


The study involved critical assessment and comparison between the best programs and curricula of Science, Mathematics and English Language around the world with the aim of providing recommendations for adaptation and implementation of the best practices in grades from K to 12 in the public education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on the international outcome assessment measures, especially those used by the United Nations Organization in evaluation of national education programs, the top five educational programs were identified. Furthermore, analyses of the programs in Canada, Singapore and New Zealand were performed to determine the common quality features among these specific programs and approaches to introduction of those features in the Saudi Arabian education system. Accordingly, a comparative study of the programs in those three countries in the fields of interest was carried out to examine applicability of the excellence aspects to the education system in Saudi Arabia. An effort was dedicated to examine the experience of some Arab countries in application of programs of distinction in other countries and the outcome of such application. Based on these studies, recommendations are provided for the administrative procedures and approaches of adaptation and implementation of the selected features in Saudi Arabia. This is in addition to listing of institutions, organizations and private enterprises that can assist in the implementation of the new programs.