Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Omar Abdallah

Mr. Abdallah is a Project Engineer at TII-VA with agility and expertise in project management, product development, micro-fluidics, and customer relations. He has demonstrated vision, judgment, and perseverance to translate visionary concepts into deliverable products that meet customer needs, in addition to eadership in promoting cross functionality between dynamic departments in entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Abdallah’s experience includes Engineering Consultant at HP Innovations, LLC of Sherman Oaks, CA wherein he created successful innovations and consulting company, providing outstanding engineering solutions in critical circumstances for pharmaceutical clients including Merck & Co. and Vertex Pharmaceuticals; established outstanding customer rapport through proven focus on customer service, rapid response, and execution of complete customer program success and Enabled and maintained major compound plating operations with optimal performance. He co-founded CapsureTM wherein he

·              Invented, engineered, and commercialized award winning and patent pending CapsureTM product line, fulfilling niches in automotive industry and growing the business into a “turn-key operation.”

·              Directed and executed the successful design, development, and distribution of CapsureTM.

·              Developed valuable US manufacturing relationships and marketing sales strategies while increasing revenues.

Mr. Abdallah was a Project Engineer  (Product Development) at Aurora Discovery, Inc./ Vertex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA wherein he:

·              Managed development and deployment of leading edge automated systems for the biotechnology industry, implementing micro-fluidic technology with robotic platforms to enhance drug discovery and micro-array processes.

·              Translated product concepts into realized tasks while utilizing internally proven technology combined with customer and internal feedback.

·              Led engineering R&D, quality control, manufacturing, vendors, and field service teams to successfully design, manufacture, validate, and optimize RapTRTM instrument lines with 3456 Nanowell Plates.

·              Identified difficult project shortcomings and quickly spearheaded solutions leading projects to full success while achieving all business targets on time and within budget.

·              Traveled extensively to customer sites establishing beneficial client collaborations, performed product demonstrations and installations, and represented the company at tradeshows to penetrate new markets.

·              Increased annual revenues by 25%.

·              Promoted strong teamwork and mentored direct reports, thereby enriching company synergy and assets.

As a Bioengineer (Research & Development) with the same company he:  

·              Performed as key technical expert for state of the art piezo-electric and valve based liquid handlers.

·              Created fluidics and electromechanical pico-liter and micro-liter dispensers for company flagship instrumentation.

·              Designed mechanical components with SolidWorks and oversaw parts drawing database.

·              Provided excellent onsite customer support, training, and troubleshooting for pilot installations.

As an Associate Engineer (Instrumentation) he constructed design of experiments, performed acceptance tests to validate Ultra High Throughput Screening Systems.

Prior to that Mr. Abdallah founded Pacific Designs, a small business trend-setting custom artwork and design company at Woodland Hills, CA and LaPlace, LA where he worked in commercial art and design, wherein he:

·              Painting unique designs for custom helmets and sports.

·              Expanded loyal customer base by consistently delivering high quality artwork with outstanding attention to detail.

·              Collaborated with professional motor sport teams and media, further boosting market exposure.

Mr. Abdallah holds a B.S., Biomedical Engineering (ABET Accredited; Provost’s Honors); University Of California, San Diego; San Diego, CA.


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