Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
US Navy

Universal Potable Water Production Process In Littoral Waters; Navy Littoral Waters System (NAVLITTOWS)

Topic: N01-067 Reverse Osmosis (RO) for use in Polluted Waters (August 29, 2001-February 2002) Contract Number: N00024-01-C-4134; Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Government TPOC: K. Eric Griffith, Mechanical Engineer, NAVSEA Naval Surface Warfare Center, Combatant Craft Department

Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny

Project Team: Clayton Bickford, Dr. Zeinab A. Sabri


Abdo A. Husseiny, Clayton Bickford, Zeinab A. Sabri (September 2002). Universal Potable Water Production Process in Littoral Waters; Navy Littoral Waters System (NAVLITTOWS). TII-VA Report to NAVSEA Contract #: N00024-01-C-4134.


The general objective of this project is aimed to develop, design and evaluate the technical feasibility and commercial viability of an innovative potable water capability that produces 800 gallons per day (gpd) potable water from littoral waters sources in harbors, rivers, inlets, bays, landlocked waters, and the open sea within 12 nautical miles from the entrance of these waterways.  The size of the conceptualized drinking water system fits on the smaller platforms the Navy uses in the littoral waters, such as a 135' Landing Craft, Utility (LCU).  The process is capable of removal of pollutants commonly found in littoral waters, such as pesticides, arsenic and other chemicals. The feed water is of unknown quality. The quality of the product water is that of potable water that meets the National Primary Drinking Water Standards and the EPA National Drinking Water Standards.  This can be achieved with a pretreatment unit compatible with the variability of the chemical and physical composition of the pollutants in the littoral waters and the extent of the pollution. The system comprises the following major subsystems:

·        RO unit

·        A unique freezing purification pretreatment stage to provide a feed of known quality for the RO from the littoral water source.

·        On-line ultrasonic membrane cleaning for the RO to assure continuous uninterrupted operation during emergencies.

·        Polishing unit to assure meeting the EPA standards.

·        Realtime verification of potable water quality.

The anticipated benefits of the technology include making it readily available for use onboard U. S. Navy small craft, coastal patrol craft, Army, Marine Corps, Special Warfare, Air Force and Coast Guard boats and crafts for the production of quality drinking water from coastal waters and harbors. The potential commercial applications encompass production of clean fresh water from harbors and coastal waters onboard larger private boats, sailboats and motorized boats. The system will become available for sale to Marinas for production of drinking water from the harbor waters where the Marina is located.