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Dr. Ramu Rao

Dr. Rao is Professor of Food Science at the Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA; with expertise in utilization of rice bran and sugar cane and food preservation. Major areas of interest are Food process engineering; Economic utilization of agricultural byproducts; Post-harvest technology of rice; Environmental pollution.

Dr. Rao is closely associated with TII, has provided, and is providing active consultation on many projects. Currently he is consulting at TII on the development of a process for production of long shelf life mango and strawberry juice without the need of refrigeration, preservation of fresh dates, and meet irradiation. He also consulted at TII for a project funded by US Army NATICK on dehydration of dental meals using ultrasonic radiation.

Dr. Rao conducted various research and development projects in several areas, including food process engineering; food industries engineering; synthetic foods and dietary substitutes; and food science. He performed and managed advanced food research in food preservation; food fats and oils; food enzymes and food additives; and marine food products.

Dr. Rao professional experience includes: Director of Research (Food & Drugs), Associated Medical Enterprises, Princeton, NJ; Professor, Acting Head, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor (Food Science), Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA; Technical Advisor to Government of South Vietnam on food preservation problems, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Dr. Rao holds a Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, and M.S., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA; B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, TX; B.SC. University of Mysore, India. He was U.S. Atomic Energy Fellow, Louisiana State University.

Dr. Rao developed and/or taught several graduate courses at LSU, including: Food Process Engineering; Food Industries Engineering; Synthetic Foods & Dietary Substitutes; Seminar in Food Science; Advanced Food Research in food Preservation; Advanced Food Research in Food Fats and Oils; Advanced Food Research in Food Enzymes and Food Additives; Advanced Food Research in Marine Food Products.

Dr. Rao contributed to juried or refereed publications including:

Member of the editorial board, CRC Press

Reviewed in excess of one hundred research papers for J. Food Science, J. Food & Agricultural Chemistry

Reviewed numerous (in excess of 25) research proposals to USDA, NIH and other State and Federal agencies

Dr. Rao was awarded several Grants and Contracts from: US Department of Agriculture-ARS; MidWest Grain Processors, Kansas; MidWest Grain Processors, Kansas; Energenetics, Inc., Iowa; U.S. Department of Interior, Office of Water Resources Scientific Information; Peter Cooper Corporation, Chicago, Illinois; General Mills, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Intralox, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana; Morgan City Freezer and Cold Storage, Inc.; Wallace menhaden Industry, New Orleans, Louisiana; Louisiana Sea Grant Programs, Advisory Services to Louisiana Fish and Shellfish Industries; Atomic Energy Commission project on radiation preservation of Gulf shellfish.

Dr. Rao contributes to various Professional Organizations: Professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists; Canadian Institute of Food Technologists Economic utilization agricultural byproduct utilization; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Chairman, Institute of Food Technologists (Gulf Coast Section) 1977-1979; Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Food Science Society (Louisiana Chapter).