Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Department of Defense

U.s. Navy

Develop Wireless LAN Design & Validation Tools.

Topic: OSD02-WT01 Phase I Dec 23, 2002, TO June 23, 2003

Contract # N00178-03-C-2008; Dahlgren Division; Naval Surface Warfare Center; 17320 Dahlgren Rd;  Dahlgren, VA22448-5100

TPOC/Project Manager: Lance Flitter; NavSea, Carderock/Smartship - PEO TSC, PMS 400S.

PI: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny

Project team: Dr. Zeinab A. Sabri; Dr. Golden G. Richard, III; Ms. Yun Gao


Universal Potable Water Production Process In Littoral Waters; Navy Littoral Waters System (NAVLITTOWS)

Topic: N01-067 Reverse Osmosis (RO) for use in Polluted Waters (August 29, 2001-February 2002) Contract Number: N00024-01-C-4134; Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Government TPOC: K. Eric Griffith, Mechanical Engineer, NAVSEA Naval Surface Warfare Center, Combatant Craft Department

PI: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny

Project Team: Clayton Bickford, Dr. Zeinab A. Sabri


Ultrasonic Cleaning Of Membranes: Low-Energy Non-Invasive Method for Membrane Cleaning (Membrane Universal Ultrasonic Cleaning (MU2C))

Topic: N94-212; Low-Energy Non-Invasive Methods for Membrane Cleaning; August 4, 1995 through March 31, 1996

Contract: N61533-95-C-0098 Annapolis Detachment, Carderock Division; Naval Surface Warfare Center, Annapolis, MD 21402-5067

TPOC/Project Manager: Mr. Frank Halsall

PI: Dr. Ali M. El-Nashar          

Project Team: Shane P. Babin, Dr. Jerry E. Lundstrom, and Abdo A. Husseiny


Optimal dish washing without graywater

Topic: N94-058: Waterless Dish Washer (Dec 1994- May 1995)

Contract CARDIVNSWC-TR-63-CR-95/03, Carderock Division; Naval Surface Warfare Center; Bethesda, MD

PI: Shane P. Babin; Project Engineer

Project team: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny; Dr. Zeinab A. Sabri; Dr. J. Fernando Figuaroa, J. Sherman Richardson


Construction Of A Detectable Defect Drift, Diffusion (D4) Model For Prediction Of Helicopter Gearbox Life Expectancy

Topic: N88-248; Mathematical Model For Predicting Helicopter Gearbox Failure Modes; Performance Period: 9/30/1988 through 4/30/1989

Contract #: N00421-88-C-0335 Naval Air System Command Issued by Supply Department, Naval Air Station, Patuxant River, MD

TPOC/Project Manager: Mr. Joe Whittington, Mr. Robert Jordan, Mr. Cy Seibert, NAS, Pensecola, FL and Mr. Gary wise and Mark Holline

Principal Investigator:    Dr. Enju Liang

Project team: Dr. Abdo A. Husseiny