Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Maged Asfour

Mr. Asfour is Agriculture Scientist at TII. He has a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences from Alexandria University with emphasis on plant protection, wetland conservation, soil reclamation, and farm management. He has extensive experience water purification technology, technical management of machine shops, factories, chemical processes, development of equipment specifications, and industrial services. Mr. Asfour is also experienced in operation and maintenance of chemical processes, handling of chemicals, chemical reactor operation and monitoring, water purification technology, installation of heavy machinery, and metal forming.

Mr. Asfour participated in the development of proposals to the Department of Agriculture to enhance business in rural areas and to design modular energy-efficient houses for rural areas. He was instrumental in developing a plan for TII to provide services to assist the Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Wetland Authority in the Governor's Office (GO) in the Development of the State's Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Plan. This included:
*Development of a Plan for implementation of projects to be prioritized/ranked, using available material pertaining to this program, and it relating in particular to the geologic and hydrological aspects of each project.
* Provision of CRD on an as needed basis with planning and feasibility assistance as described in the Plan, including collection and analysis of hydrological, geologic, and ecological information.
* Assistance in the presentation of project information to the local government and the public, including relevant data concerning the project area and project features, preparation of a) project summaries for distribution, b) maps, and c) visual aids as necessary for a clear and effective presentation.
* Assistance in development of a report and presentation (including slide presentations) for the legislature, describing the pertinent features, benefits and cost for each project, ranking of the projects, and the rationale for arriving at the specified order. The report and presentation relate in particular to the geologic, hydrologic, and resource aspects of each project, including: a) urgency for implementation in relation to adjacent development, b) Rates of wetland loss, c) Change in maintenance and restoration potential as time elapses, and d) Biological value as it relates to fish and wildlife resources.
* Preparation for inclusion in the plan of the following: 1. Projects list based on hydrological basin; 2. Projects list by Parish; 3. Projects grouped by category and order of priority; and 4. A brief description of each project with a map.