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Dr. Yakup Basmaci

Dr. Basmaci holds a Ph.D. in Water Resources (1977), Iowa State University; M.S. Civil Engineering (1971), Middle East Tech. University; and B.S., Civil Engineering (1969) Middle East Tech. University.

Dr. Basmaci's professional experience includes: Director General, Directorate of Water and Wastewater, Izmir, Turkey (1995-1997); Professor of Civil Engineering, Kerekkale University, Turkey (1993-1999); Technical Advisor to the Director General of Water and Wastewater Directorate of Medina, Saudi Arabia (1989-1993); Assistant Director of Scientific Research Administration, College of Engineering, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1988-1989); Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, King Abdulaziz University (1985-1989); Advisor, Directorate of Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia (1982-1985); Assistant Professor, Hydrogeology Department, King Abdulaziz University (1977-1985); Chairman, Hydrogeology Department, King Abdulaziz University (1978-1981); Reasearch Assistant, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa USA (1974-1977); and Research Assistant, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey (1970-1974).

While in academia Dr. Basmaci supervised several thesis, including: Geothermal energy potential of Erzurum Area, Ibrahim, Ca.; Hydrology of Wadi Wajj, A. Ghurm, 1980, Hydrogeology Department; Hydrogeology of Basalt Aquifers, Southwest of Medina, E.G.E. Adam, 1982, Hydrogeology Department; Evalutation of Groundwater Resources of Wadi Fatimah by Numerical Models, A.M. Mubarek, 1993, Hydrogeology Department; Recharge Characteristics of Groundwater Aquifers in Jeddah-Makkah-Taif Area, M. Al Kabir, 1985, Hydrogeology Department; Groundwater Research in Wadi Naaman and Wadi Fatimah, J.E. Hussein, 9185, Hydrogeology Department.

Dr. Basmaci was involved in several research projects, including: Hydrogeology of Makkah Region, Hajj Research Center, 1979-1982, King Abdulaziz University; Water Resources Potential, Allocation and Reuse in the Western Region, King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology, Riyadh, 1985-1988; Hydrogeology of Harret Rahat Basalt Aquifers of Medina and Development of Well Fields, Directorate of Water and Wastewater of Medina, 1989.

Dr. Basmaci was involved in several engineering projects, including: Wastewater pumping stations at Bayrakle and Konak areas of the Great Canal Project, Izmir, (each 32 m3/sec); Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Izmir Municipality, Turkey, (four million population equivalent); Pethim Fresh Water Conveyance Line, Izmir (30 km long, 1.2 m diameter ) and the pumping stations; Completion of Tahtale Dam, wqter treatment plant, and the main line, Izmir; Geology and Hydrogeology of Makkah Region, Directorate of Mineral Resources, Saudi Arabia; Drainage of Abdulaziz District of Medina; Design of Water Distribution Network of Prince Naif, Abarali Low Income, Juruf, and Khalidiyyah Districts of Medina; Computer Model of Water Supply Network of Medina; Drainage of the Car Park Project- Al Haram Project, Medina; Design of Pipeline System for Conveying Water from Muzzeyyen Well Field Cost Structure if Groundwater Development from Basalt Aquifers of Medina; Water Consumption of Masjed Al Nabavi, Medina; Design of Thicker of the Wastewater Plant of Medina Encrustation and Corrosion of Well Screens and Casings in Harrat Rahat Aquifers; Specifications of Wells in Harrat Rahat; Design and Drilling of Six Wells in Cuba, Medina; Design and Drilling of 144 Wells in Harrat Rahat Basalt Aquifers, Medina; Series of Lectures to the Engineers of Directorate of Water and Wastewater of Medina; Water Supplt and wastewater Disposal of Core Area of Medina; Design and Supervision of the Pumphouse, Pumps, Wet Well and Pipline of the Sudairi Irrigation Project (18000 m3/day).

Dr. Basmaci taught the following courses at the institutions wherein he was on the faculty: Hydrology; Hydrogeology; Groundwater Engineering; Hydrochemistry; Groundwater Resources Development; Numerical Methods in Subsurface Hydrology; Hydraulics; Fortran Programming for Civil Engineers; Water Resources Engineering; and Hydrogeology of Fractured rocks.