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Eliane Drummond Abdala

Ms. Abdala has over 30 years of experience in the Environmental Engineering field. Her expertise encompasses planning, control, monitoring, application of new technologies in industrial processes for treatment and recovery of industrial effluents; water quality and sedimentometry; environmental policy, law and auditing. She is currently preparing papers and training courses on ISO 14000.

Ms. Abdala is actively implementing activities in educational areas on technology, science and technological development, through the cooperation with other countries, especially with the French Government.

Ms. Abdala holds a degree in Chemical Engineering; a M.Sc. in Sanitation Engineering; and a Specialty Degree in Administration of Scientific and Technological Research, 1989. She has several certifications including; CREQ/Chemical Counsel, 2nd Region, Registration Number 0230069/Brazil; EARA/Environmental Auditors Registration Association, Registration Number 926-A/United Kingdom.

Ms. Abdala participated in the Environmental Management Group, a study group composed of several technical experts and consultants, studying and following up the development of the ISO 14000; as part of CONIM/IBRAM, Comite De Normalizacao De Minerio De Ferro Do Instituto Brasileiro De Mneracao (Standard Committee of Ore Mine, Brazilian Institute of Mines). In that capacity she conducted the environmental auditors training course and examination, delivered by Marsden Environmental International, based on the EARA accredited foundation training course on environmental auditing, Course Ref. MEI/FLEA/0095/Brazil in association with QSP, Centro Brasileiro De Qualidade E Produtividade (Brazilian Center of Quality and Productivity), that meets the requirements of the Environmental Auditors Registration Association. Prior to that, she was a Researcher at CETEC, Fund. Centro Tecnologico De Minas Gerais (Technological Center Foundation), preparing a broad technological cooperation program; a Consultant to enterprises in the technical implementation of quality guarantee systems; a Consultant at FNS, Fundacao Nacional Da Saude; SESP/Ministerio Da Saude (National Health Foundation, Ministry Of Health) (1993), working with SESP technicians from several states in Brazil, regarding the application of the water quality index, for public use.

The Professional Experience of Ms. Abdala includes:

Technical Consultant at ABC, Agencia Brasileira De Coop. Do Ministerio Das Relacoes Exteriores (Brazilian Coop. Agency Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs), Brasilia/DF, wherein Ms. Abdala was involved in:

* Construction of specific items of the environmental guidelines, terms of reference in environmental areas of the technical cooperation programs: appropriate technologies of high environmental impact in the German - Brazilian Governments Cooperation Program; analysis of orioisaks oresebted by different environmental tests: CETESB/SP; USP/S.P; FATMA/SC; CPRH/PE; SUREHMA/PR;
* Analysis and evaluation of project proposals of technical cooperation in environmental engineering, submitted to the Brazilian Agency Coop.: environmental control project in the metalurgic area, CT/RFA/GTZ/ UFMG; evaluation of the request of technical cooperation for the development of Amazonia, SUDAM-CT/FRENCH GOVT./ABC/MRE in areas of hydraulic resources (recovery of waters), control norms of mining effluents, protection in fishery; request from Pernambuco Co. of environmental pollution and administration of hydric resources, CPRH/PE in the areas of hydric resources and atmospheric pollution/RFA/GTZ /ABC; INPA/Inst. of Research on Amazonia /AM about forestry management, recovery of degraded areas;
* Participation in bilateral evaluation missions for the identification of technical coop. projects of environmental control of Rio De Janeiro, ZOOP/GTZ/RFA/ABC/MRE;
* Sustained management, protection of Flonas, natural forests, ZOOP, GTZ, RFA/ABC/MRE/IBAMA;
* Follow-up, revision and supervision: CT/RFA project on environmental pollution control of Rio De Janeiro, carried out by FEEMA/Fund. Estadual Do Meio Ambiente, (State Foundation of Environmental Engineering), in the areas of quality control of water, air and solid residues.

SMMA/PMBH/Secretaria Municipal Do Meio Ambiente, Prefeitura Municipal Do Meio Ambiente (Cityhall Environmental Secretariat) (1987): Ms. Abdala was Consultant on: refinement of the decree that regulated the municipal environmental law; and Advisor to COMAM/Conselho Municipal Do Meio Ambiente (Municipal Environmental Council), on formation and follow up of technical comisssions and definitions renorms & patterns and environmental pollution control, solids, liquids and gases and sound pollution (Environmental Legislation).

FINEP/Financiadora De Estudos E Projetos, Min. De Ciencia and Tecnologia (Dept. Of Natural Resources and Environment), Science and Technology Ministry, Rio De Janeiro State: Ms. Abdala was Advisor on an environmental project, as support to the Scientific and Technological Development Program.

COPAM/Comissao De Politica Ambiental (Environmental Policy Commission), Minas Gerais State Secretariat of Science, Technology and Environment: where she was involved in refinement of the Decree which regulated the State Environmental Law (formation and follow up of Technical Commissions and Definitions Renorms and patterns for environmental pollution control, solid, liquids and gases residues; and in Project Analysis: control of effluents emissions; implementation of Minas Gerais Environmental Licensing System for industrial activities.

CETEC/Fund. Centro Tecnologico De Minas Gerais (Technical Foundation Center of Minas Gerais State): Ms. Abdala was Superintendent of Ecology and Environmental Engineering, where she worked on industrial processes and activities: analysis of emission of effluents, control, supervision, and reduction.

C.P.R.M/CIA De Pesquisa De Recursos Minerais (Company of Mining Resources Research) in the Mining Analysis Lab and Sedimentometry and Water Quality Lab: wherein Ms. Abdala worked on Analysis of minerals; Training of technical personnel; Implementation of methods of control and quality Lab in the water quality stations of the Minas Gerais State/Brazil Monitoring Network; Implementation of collection methods of samples and measurement of solid discharge Etr/Equal Transit Rate; and Chemical and instrumentation analysis.