Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Syed N. Hussain

Mr. Hussain is a Chemical Engineer at TII. He participated in various projects including water treatment, and membrane fouling prevention.

Mr. Hussain is also a Senior Business Strategy Analyst at ManCon International and Vice President of the Protective Coatings Division, TI/AMPEX, with expertise in fire retardents, process design and synthesis, and new products development. He has been actively involved in developing business strategies for new products, including initiation of new business ventures and franchising, market penetration strategies, commercial viability, and technical feasibility. He also worked on commodity trading for a year.

Mr. Hussain worked at FMC, Princeton, NJ, as New Product Development Engineer, where he worked on the development of flame retardency on thermoplastics and vinyl based components. He also worked on business development including new products applications, testing, customer liaison and technical services. Mr. Hussain worked at International Drilling & Services, Houston, TX, where he established a development drilling company and was in charge of acquisition of contracts with Chevron, USA; SASCO, Kuwait, and BANOCO, Bahrain.

Mr. Hussain was a Developmental Engineer at Lewis Systems, Watertown, WI, where he was involved in high strength fiberglass engineering and development of plastic components for automotive, agricultural and material handling equipment. He also worked on the development of processing equipment testing instrumentation. He was the liaison between the testing laboratory and the New Product Development Laboratory. He established a complete R&D facility to address the issues relating to new products and development.

Mr. Hussain holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a minor in Economics. He also holds an MBA from Drexel University, PA.