Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Teresa Lynn Jenna

Value Offered

  • " World Traveler "Road Warrior" -Multi Million Mile Flyer---
  • " American Expatriate with +20 years ' Health Marketing Communications Experience in Asia
  • " Expert in Social Marketing ---
  • " Expert in Cross Cultural Marketing---
  • " Public Affairs Specialist in Community, Business, Government Relations---
  • " Former UNICEF National Committee Director, Hong Kong---
  • " Former CEO Health Internet Start Up, InfoMedAsia Ltd---

Responsibilities included traveling to over 500 locations in over 60 countries over the course of 25 years, opening markets, introducing ideas, advocating for change in developing and industrialized Asia. Worked on health policy issues; leading and assisting government leaders, education, health and science professionals, community and business partners in researching, developing, managing and marketing---proposals, projects, programs in both the private and public sector; Presented papers at conferences and international meetings, authoring articles in specialist publications (The EIU, Economist-UK Healthcare Division and InfoMedAsia Doctors Edition); Conducted senior level negotiations.

  • Expatriate who has lived and worked in the marketing and communications field since 1981 in 9 Countries in Asia: China, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Hawaii and Hong Kong.
  • Marketer skilled at measuring the effectiveness of information messages and campaigns. Accomplished at working with the SME business community to develop private public sector programs/business/markets.
  • Social Communicator with extensive experience in starting up organizations, conducting field research, designing programs, opening up markets for socially relevant products, evaluating outcomes/projects, and writing on the topics related to social health issues. Professional Topics related to public health markets include research and project management on topics of Telemedicine, Sars, Dengue Fever, Nipah Virus, Malaria, Child Survival, Chinese Medicine, HIV and STDs, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke.
  • Entrepreneur who set up her first business in Taiwan in 1981. One key component of this company was coaching the government KMT leaders on opening up new OTC and Food markets for local consumers.
  • Public Spokesperson who has built a reputation for speaking on culturally sensitive topics such as AIDS, PROSTRATE & BREAST CANCER, DIABETES & HEART DISEASE, DISABILITIES,