Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Candace Martin


Ms. Martin created all the illustrations for the TII ASL Math Tutor demo produced under a contract from the US Department of Education and the ASL/Science English Dictionary funded by the National Science Foundation. Ms. Martin holds a B.F.A. Art, Stephens College, Columbia, MO, with emphasis: Graphic Design, Life Drawing, Painting, Fashion Illustration, Art History, Photography, and Stained Glass Design.

Ms. Martin is Art Teacher and Freelance Graphic Designer. Her teaching experience includes Art Instructor: K-6, Christian Fellowship School, Columbia, MO, where she teaches five to seven classes each week. Responsibilities include curriculum development, classroom management, and coordination with classroom teachers and is substitute art instructor in high school as needed; Art Instructor, Columbia Area Home Schoolers, Columbia, MO, where she provides personalized art instruction for a group of home-schooled students, and her responsibilities include curriculum development, instruction, and student evaluation.

Ms. Martin is owner of the Freelance Graphic Design (dba Candesigns), Columbia, MO, she has over 24 years experience in Freelance Graphic Design where she:
*Provided illustrations for the children's book A Wolf in Wolfs Clothing by Patrick Lee.
* Developed color illustrations of maternity fashions for the Great Expectations retail clothing store television commercials.

For Corporate Identity Materials, she:
* Created point-of-sale materials for Oasis Ice Cream retail store in Columbia, MO. Deliverables included 3-D product displays, large sales posters, price cards, and a portable sales cart with enamel painted logo/product displays on the sides of the cart.
* Created in-store advertisements for Eye Glass Accessories Co., Columbia, MO.
* Designed company logo for Olivia's Jewelry Sales Co. in Columbia, MO.
* Designed company logo and promotional brochure for B&D Consulting Service in Columbia, MO.
* Created award-winning banners for a local bank to promote community involvement in local collegiate sports activities.
* Designed and produced portions of the background set for a local theater production. This is in addition of Activities of Volunteer graphic design work for the church and children's school.