Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Laurel Ann McLagan

Ms. McLagan is a Senior Deaf Education Specialist at TII. She has expertise in Deaf Education and ASL interpretation and transliteration. She has over fifteen-year of hands-on extensive experience as interpreter and a deaf educator working with deaf and hard-of-hearing children. She managed and participated with the project team that produced an ASL Math Tutor prototype developed by funds from the US Department of Education. She is fluent in both English and ASL interpreting and transliterating. Other than managing the project, she contributed to the selection of the educational content, and led the team and participated in the design of the computer interface for the interactive stories. Ms. McLagan has also directed and participated with a TII team in selecting, defining, and providing ASL descriptions for science words in the development of an ASL/English Science Dictionary, funded by the National Science Foundation. Her experience at the Missouri School for the Deaf required the ability to work with students who had multiple disabilities.

Ms. McLagan worked as an Educational Free Lance Interpreter in Columbia, MO for high school literature classes; undergraduate classes at University of Missouri-Columbia in history, sociology, math, English, geography, literature, and computer science. She also worked at a summer postgraduate seminar at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She was: Medical Interpreter for doctor appointments, surgery, speech therapy sessions, counseling, and labor and delivery; Platform Interpreter for large conferences and church meetings; and Business Interpreter for interviews, job site meetings, job training, employee reviews, etc. Prior to that, she worked with Deaf Educators at the Missouri School for the Deaf in Fulton, MO as: a Teacher for Junior High and High School science, reading, literature, speech, and deaf heritage classes; Cheerleading Coach for Junior High and High School; and Sign Language Teacher for adult education classes. Her previous experience was as a Teacher with Kindergarten classes (hearing) at Chandlerville Grade School, and Resource Room Teacher for hard of hearing students at Roodhouse Elementary School in Roodhouse, IL.

Ms. McLagan is Q.A.S.T. Certified (Quality Assurance Screening Test for Sign Language Interpreters). She holds a B.S., Deaf Education, Illinois State University.