Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Hesham A. E. Moustafa

Mr. Moustafa is a Manager of the Reliability Based Maintenance Division at TII with expertise in ISO 9000, FMS, computer code development and simulation. He has hands-on experience with warehousing and manufacturing.

At TII, Mr. Moustafa performed research and designed systems for application of energy released from water as it changes from liquid to solid. His present responsibilities include: development of commercial grade software packages and specifications of hardware for wear out monitoring based on a patented method for prediction of early failure in helicopter gearboxes developed under contracts from the U.S. Navy, and methodologies for detection of incipient failures in moving parts and components of mechanical equipment in power plants funded by the U.S. Department of Energy; assistance in development of software packages for use by manufacturing industries in self-assessment of total quality management according to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award under a project funded by the National Institute of Science Technology, the U.S. Department of Commerce; and development of a window based system for ISO 9000 application and forms with guide and help screens.

Prior to joining TII, Mr. Moustafa worked at the Nile Advanced Technology and Commerce, which represents Computational Systems Incorporated, USA as a technical support senior engineer for predictive maintenance packages set up and installation. Prior to that he worked at Algwhra Ceramics Company, Egypt, as a chief of preventive maintenance department and working at the same time at the statistical process control (SPC) department in extracting quality control charts for different types of ceramic tiles and ISO 9000 documentation establishing. He also worked as a diagnostic engineer at The Aluminum Company, Egypt wherein his responsibilities included: computer based predictive maintenance which utilizes vibration measurements in machines condition monitoring and trend prediction of faults which results in extrapolation forward in time to indicate when the condition will reach a dangerous limit so that maintenance can be scheduled for convenient date; precision machines alignment using optics and laser techniques; permanent monitoring of machine condition for machines critical to production where complete failure of machines can lead to catastrophic failures; static and dynamic balancing both in situ or using balancing machines. Mr. Moustafa's Military service involved Electronic Monitoring Devices.

Mr. Moustafa holds a B.Sc. Summa Cum Laude, Production Engineering and Mechanical design Menoufia University, Egypt; Senior project: Stress analysis using photoelasticity technique.

Mr. Moustafa received formal training on predictive maintenance theory and applications, Sollac, Florange Metz, France and CSI, Knoxville, TN; liability based maintenance; permanent monitoring systems; basic and advanced vibration analysis; precision machine alignment; Proofteknik, Frankfurt, Germany; static and dynamic balancing, Shenck, Darmstadt, Germany; and structure vibration analysis.