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Sandy Drummond
Ms. Drummond has formal education in teaching math and is a Certified Interpreter. She developed the lessons and participated in developing the scenarios for the ASL Math Tutor prototype produced by funds from the US Department of Education. She also helped in translating the English definitions into ASL and provided the translation of the ASL definitions back into spoken English. She also provided editing and voice interpretation for the ASL/English Science Dictionary funded by the National Science Foundation. Ms. Drummond holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, Secondary Education-Mathematics, University of Missouri-Columbia. Her Professional Qualifications include Kansas Quality Assurance Screening Test, Interpreting-5; Transliterating-5; Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Certificate of Interpretation (CI); Missouri Interpreter Certification System, Level: Comprehensive; Licensed. Ms. Drummond's work experience encompasses Workshop Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty, Project Coordinator, and Adjunct Faculty at William Woods University, Fulton, MO; Department of ASL/English Interpreting. She also worked as Employee Training Specialist/Interpreter, Weekend Relief Aide and Residential Coordinator at Advent Enterprises, Inc, Columbia, MO. She has been involved also in Private Practice in ASL-English Interpreting; Assignments include legal, entertainment, educational, vocational, social service, medical, mental health, and platform settings. She is member of the Curators & Bright Flight Scholar; Phi Kappa Delta; Missouri Association of the Deaf; Greater Columbia Association of the Deaf; Central Interpreters Association; Missouri State Committee of Interpreters.