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Fatima Suleman

Ms. Suleman holds a M.PHARM (cum laude), University Of Durban-Westville (UDW), South Africa; Thesis: Analyses Of Prescription Prescribing Patterns And Costs In The Public And Private Sectors Within The Durban Metropolitan Area; The study entailed research in the health sector on prescription drug utilization in the public health sector. She also holds a B.PHARM, University Of Durban-Westville with major in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy Practice, and Pharmacology. She completed course on "Introduction to Epidemiology" at the Summer School Program - UWC. The course introduced the concepts, methods and body of knowledge of epidemiology. In addition to a UWC Winter School Course on "Essential Drugs at District Level" that looked at promoting rational drug use at district level, and prioritizing drug use problems at district level. She completed a WHO training course on " Promoting Rational Drug Use " in Pretoria. The course covered areas of irrational drug use, drug use problems, sampling, implementing a drug use study, interventions, standard treatment guidelines, and strategies to improve the use of medicines. She attended a short course in Pharmacoepidemiology and Rational Drug Use at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The course was run by the Discipline of Clinical Pharmacology and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics and included aspects of drug evaluation, drug regulation, drug subsidization and quality use of medicines. Pharmacoeconomics was also covered. She attended "Effective Drug Management and Rational Drug Use Course" at the Robert Gordon University, WHO Collaborating Center, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Ms. Suleman is currently a Junior Research Program Manager for the Research Program at Health Systems Trust, Durban, South Africa. Her job entails reviewing research proposals, commissioning research, and providing one-on-one support to those with little or no research experience. This is in addition, editing of final reports for publication; coordinating workshops and meetings; and presenting guest lectures. Prior to that she was a Consultant for district-based (Underberg and Mt.Frere) pharmaceutical services evaluation for Health Systems Trust. Ms. Suleman worked as part-time and full-time lecturer in pharmacy practice on Pharmacoeconomics, communication and counseling, among others; and on Pharmaceutical Microbiology at the Department of Pharmacy, UDW. She also assisted Prof. D. Saunders in an administrative capacity with respect to evaluation of IDT funded projects in KwaZulu-Natal. She was a Guest Lecturer at the University of Natal - Medical School, Department of Community Health, wherein topic presented was "National Drug Policy - Implications for District Health Systems". She also worked as a Facilitator for Drug Management Course at the ESATI Summer and Winter School, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She co-facilitated proposal development workshop at the University of Durban-Westville. She was Research poster and presentation judge at University of Durban-Westville's Health Sciences Faculty Research Day.

Her Work Experience includes: Contract researcher by KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Department of Health to prepare protocol for a pharmaceutical service audit in the province as well as a baseline indicator study; Project reviewer and consultant for Health Systems Trust funded projects; Locum Pharmacist - Scripts Pharmaceuticals; pharmacist at Randerees Pharmacy; King Edward VIII Hospital, and Entabeni Hospital. As intern at King Edward VIII Hospital, she worked on Manufacturing; her duties involved mixing of formulations to make solutions, suspensions, and creams. Unit dose sachets and sterile preparations such as IV antibiotic mini-bags were also made. Duties also involved the management of a hand and machine packing facility. Her duties as NOPD involved ward pharmacy and outpatients (specialist clinics) dispensing. Research was also carried out for doctors when specified. Emergency cupboards and anaphylactic shock boxes were checked regularly. Also developed new stock order sheets and monitoring schedule for gynae wards. As part of the intern project, an asthma inhaler technique program was carried out, in which the patient's inhalation technique was monitored, and counseling was offered when required. The results were presented by M. Henning at the SAAHIP conference in 1994. She was also involved the filling out of outpatients prescription cards as well as regular stock checking of poison-antidote cupboard and the medical resuscitation trolley. Stock in after-hours emergency departments also had to be checked weekly. As a pharmacist intern in Cytotoxics she assisted in filling out oncology scripts and inpatients medication reconstitution. In the Total Parenteral Nutrition (T.P.N.) her duties included actual preparation of parenteral nutrition as well as being involved in the T.P.N. ward rounds of adult and pediatrics alike. In the pediatric outpatients department POPD she became familiar with pediatric dosage regiments.

Ms. Suleman is member in South African Pharmacy Council; Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa; Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences; S.A. Association of Hospital and Institutional Pharmacists (SAAHIP); International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology; Islamic Medical Association (IMA), where she was assistant treasurer and currently drug management consultant. She was also a member of a working group coordinated to develop a module on Health Economics for the Health Science Faculty at UDW. She was Member of the Primary Health Care Essential Drugs List Review Committee at national level (Member of core group developed to review submissions to the review committee); Member of the Provincial Essential Drug Program Coordinating Committee.

Ms. Suleman was honored with the First prize at presentation skills course (Dale Carnegie) at Medical Research Council; Health Systems Trust Award; University of Durban-Westville Council Bursary; Medical Research Council (MRC) Busary; the national Bayer Clinical Pharmacy Stipend for pharmacoepidemiology (for short course in Newcastle, Australia); South African Drug Action Program and World Health Organization ICIUM (Thailand) for Conference Attendance; and South African Drug Action Program Funding for attendance of Short Course on Drug Management, Aberdeen, Scotland. She presented a guest lecture at the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Natal, on National Drug Policy and Essential Drugs. The lecture was aimed at registrars, in order to provide a better understanding of the Drug Policy Goals. She was elected on the panel of judges for Faculties of Health Sciences and Dentistry Student Research Day. She was participant (on invitation) at pre-meeting workshops at the thirteenth global meeting of the International Clinical Epidemiology Network in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. She was an invited guest speaker on "Rational Use of Drugs" at the National Drug Policy Workshop in Pretoria by MEDUNSA. She attended a workshop on Health Economics held by Astra Pharmaceuticals and was a Workshop co-presenter at SAPSI Conference on District-based Health Care. Ms. Suleman assisted the South African Drug Action Program (SADAP) in the development of a questionnaire study to evaluate the impact of the first edition of the Primary Health Care Essential Drugs List. She was Conference Organizer for Health Systems Trust's Annual Conference at Durban.