Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Jelena Todorovic Clemente

Ms. Clemente is in charge of Multimedia Authoring, Design and Production activities of the Company. As an Analyst, she is responsible for the TII R&D projects in Social Sciences and affiliated areas. Her areas of expertise include journalism and media, national and world culture, Texture Design, graphic display systems, training, public relations and interpretation. She had extensive hands-on experience in advanced computer applications, including graphic and animation programs, spreadsheets, texture design; mapping of 3D objects in "Lightwave" and 3DS MAX programs, operation of "Photoshop"; production of "Multimedia" CD-ROM's.

At TII, Ms. Clemente has participated in a project to identify root causes of price differentials of medicine sold in different countries including the investigation of the reasons of the low cost of medicine in some rich developing countries with no government subsidies. In this case, the medicine is usually supplied through licensed manufacturers in Third World Countries without being subject to quality inspection or to regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice. Alternately prescription drugs are imported from manufacturers in the USA and Europe but usually prohibited from being sold in or re-imported to the country of origin. Her participation in this project includes search in the world news media for news releases, exposes and news articles that present information on these issues. She also provides translations of articles from Serbian Newspapers on quality of prescription drugs.

Most recently Ms. Clemente is initiating a project at TII for the use of computer, video or other electronic graphic display systems to present visual translations of audio inputs from music to deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. The project entails production of CD-ROM's to present visual music and songs; and introduction of such capabilities on the World Wide Web. Ms. Clemente is also a Free Lance Journalist and Project Adviser to the NGO "HOCU KUCI - GOING HOME", Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Ms. Clemente holds a B.A. degree in Journalism, the Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade University, Yugoslavia. She holds Certificates in PhotoShop, Computer Design, Autodesk Training Center, Belgrade; in Music (piano), Elementary Musical School, Belgrade; and in Advanced English Language, Belgrade Institute for Foreign Languages.

Ms. Clemente's professional experience includes Texture Designer and "Photoshop" Operator at MULTIMEDIA CD Authoring Studio, Belgrade; wherein she produced. "Multimedia" CD-ROM's in the field of national and world culture. As an Animator in the "Wonderland, Center Group" studio for computer animation and modeling, Belgrade she participated in several animation projects including "Spacer Whales", "Human Body", "Little Prince".

Ms. Clemente  was Author, Scientific Editorial Department of ITV programs; Co-author of the environment protection oriented program "Green ring"; Journalist, Belgrade Television. She recorded over ten short segments of the first Program on environment protection emission "GreenRing"; Journalist, II Program of Radio Belgrade on the youth broadcast "Nobody is like me", a live broadcast about environment protection.

As a Freelance Journalist, Ms. she published over 300 articles in magazines such as "Vreme", "Zastita rada" and daily magazines "Politika", "Borba", "Preporod" magazine of invalids (a field of social policy), and "Information - Rotary". She has published also around ten articles in "Vreme" about war crimes, criminals, and aggression among youth.

She was a Columnist, environment protection, "Vozdovacke novine" magazine; Writer, "Voice of Inshured" ("Glas Osugarnika") wherein she published between 30 and 40 articles about social policy; and Editor in "Zastita rada" (Labor Protection). Ms. Clemente established the "Green Magazine" under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sergije Lukach, addressing, environment protection issues. Ms. Clemente worked as Interpreter, ICFY mission, International Conference of the Former Yugoslavia (UN), Baina Basta Sector. Duties included interpretation and communication between international team members and local authorities (such as custom, police and army).