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Norma L. Vickers

Ms. Vickers is a Deaf Educator with the Missouri School system, with expertise in ASL and extensive experience in teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing students. She was a deaf instructor at the Educational Interpreter Training William Woods University (WWU) in Fulton, Missouri. She has taught at the elementary, secondary, and high school levels at the Missouri School for the Deaf (MSD) for over twenty-two years. She has shared her experiences with the participants at MSD and WWU on the use of American Sign Language (the native language the deaf use). She has provided hands-on practice for the interpreters and school staff to enhance sign production. She is currently teaching the kindergartners since the fall of 1990.

Ms. Vickers provided scenarios and provided some of the signing for the ASL Math Tutor prototype funded by the US Department of Education. She first introduced the concept of creating scenarios from real life to teach math. She also helped in development of definitions for an interactive multimedia ASL/Science Dictionary and personally signed all the ASL video content for the dictionary. She will participate in the developing of the scenarios and stories as a person who is Deaf, and will contribute to signing the situations, words and their meanings.

Ms. Vickers has helped in the development of previous educational titles for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, including providing the video footage for ASL interpretations of science vocabulary utilized in the development of an interactive ASL/Science dictionary funded by the National Science Foundation. Because she is a Deaf educator, Ms. Vickers is able to provide invaluable contributions and insight into the development of appropriate content for the Phase II work. Ms. Vickers is actively working as the coordinator of the sign communication proficiency interview (SCPI) at MSD since the year of 1993. Her job is to promote the faculty staff and other workers with their signing skills, do the interviewing, and rate the interviewees for the sign language communication skill level standards. Outside the schoolwork, Ms. Vickers is usually called to serve as the deaf interpreter at the convention and other places.

Ms. Vickers was awarded with a plaque naming her a 1995 CAID (Convention of American Instructors for the Deaf) Out-standing Teacher. Also, her fellow workers nominated her as Department of Elementary and Secondary Educat-ion Employee of the month - June 1995. Her belief is to continue with numerous help for the interested people who shall gain a deeper understanding of Deaf culture and language. Then they shall be able to educate the young Deaf learners.