Technology International Incorporated 0f Virginia
Department of Health and Human Services

Voice-Assisted Data Entry and Management for Home Health Agencies

Grant No. 97-P-08120/6-01; Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA); Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

PI: Kenneth C. Barnett

Project Team: Shane P. Babin and S. Keith Adams


Barnett KC, Babin SP, Adams SK (1996). Voice-Assisted Data Entry and Management for Home Health Agencies. Phase I Final Report to HCFA, Grant #97-P-08120-6-01.


A prototype Voice-Assisted Data Entry (VADEÔ) system has been developed for processing Medicare and Medicaid claims, to increase the efficiency of management and general operation and to facilitate entry of patient data associated with tasks required of health agencies.  The VADEÔ system was designed to incorporate all the standard information content associated with the existing claims for filling out of the forms through voice recognition technology while allowing for voice-assisted processing of modified or new claim forms as well as performance of associated management functions.  Accordingly, the VADEÔ package reduces the burden of data entry, eliminates the need for extensive visual search and manual cross referencing of code manuals, enhance the overall efficiency of the process, and increases the productivity of the personnel involved.  Technology International Incorporated of Virginia (TII) developed the graphical user interface (GUI); incorporated diagnosis codes, medications, and patient data into databases to allow for instantaneous cross-referencing of claim information; and employed a speaker-independent speech recognition system along with customized software developed in Visual Basic to allow voice input of form data and automatic input of diagnosis and claim codes based on the verbal descriptions given.

Follow on efforts are aimed at the full development and demonstration of the hardware/ software of the VADEÔ system for the completion of medical digitized forms via automatic speech recognition.  The objectives involve beta testing with home health agencies, and expansion of the VADEÔ system to a networked, multi-platform environment to allow implementation over local area networks, company Intranets, or over the World Wide Web.