Past Officers and Directors

Dr. Zeinab Sabri, President and COO

Dr. Sabri is responsible for the Company's strategic planning and new business development. TII's sales more than doubled when Dr. Sabri directed business development priorities to the defense and utility industries.

Prior to joining TII, served in several executive and management positions at Louisiana Power and Light (LP&L, an Entergy Company) and Science Applications International Corporation, Inc. (SAIC), formerly Science Applications, Inc. (SAI-Ames). At LP&L, she directed projects and departments with a $16.7 million budget; completed the training facilities at 65% the cost for NTOL utilities and at 60% the typical time for similar utilities with 100% success rate for nuclear operators in the U.S. NRC examination; and saved the utility over $3.5 million in potential retrofits.

Dr. Sabri is a former Director of the Nuclear Safety Research Group (NSRG); Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the Department of Nuclear Engineering and at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering at Iowa State University (ISU); a Research Associate at the Ames Laboratory, U.S. DOE; and a Visiting Scientist and Consultant at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). She was also the Chairperson of the UTR-10 Reactor Security Committee at ISU. Dr. Sabri has served in an advisory capacity to key nuclear government and industry officials and as a consultant for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI); the American Nuclear Society (ANS); University of Chicago, Associated Midwest University, EBR-II Advisory Committee, Argonne National Laboratory-West, U.S. DOE; the Institute for Nuclear Power Operation (INPO); and the U.S. NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Analysis (NRR) Divisions of Human Factors Safety and Operational Data Evaluation. Also, is a member of the IEEE-NPEC and IEEE-SC7 Standards Committees.

Dr. Sabri earned her Ph.D. in 1972 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a major in Nuclear Engineering and a minor in Biochemical and Chemical Engineering. Dr. Sabri is the author of over 100 technical publications, three patents, and numerous technical reports. She has received numerous technical awards and is listed in various Who's Who documents.


Dr. Alfred "Al" M. Allen, Senior Vice President for Research

Mr. Allen is a Senior Engineering Manager at TII-VA, with expertise in engineering management of special projects; industrial equipment development, design and manufacturing; He has extensive experience in national and international operations and maintenance of oil & gas fields, chemical plants, refineries, and marine installations. At TII-VA he managed and participated in the design, fabrication and testing of a 3-cubic meter a day water system that harnesses water from the air. He also supervised the testing of a system for production of potable water from littoral waters for the U.S. Marine Corps. Prior to joining TII-VA, he provided consultation on many projects and initiated collaboration with several industries, including development of water filtration systems.

Mr. Allen graduated from Industrial Engineering/Management at New Mexico University, Portales, NM and attended Engineering Management classes at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, TX. He received special training on Drilling Well Control and Blowout Prevention, BOP Control, Cold Weather Materials, SCR and Electronic Equipment, Barge Engineering Training, Log Interpretation, Food Packaging - can, glass, plastic and bulk containers, Food Processing and Quality Control, Production Control, Cost Analysis, Cost Control, Nitrogen Process for Food, Food Canning Process, U.S. Army Combat Engineers. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Mr. Allen's experience includes: Vice President-Operations, Electrical & Consulting Petroleum Services, Inc. (ECPS) wherein his responsibilities included Marketing, Job Estimating, Contract Development, Contract and Project Management, in addition to client relation activities, staffing and operations performance. Prior to that, he was President of Energy Technical Services, Inc. (ETS), Lafayette, LA; wherein his responsibilities involved management of oil and gas operation activities for all drilling, workover, recompletion, engineering, and regulatory agency reporting; project development and special project management, development management, construction production and client contact for worldwide operations.

Mr. Allen's oil and gas experience includes Regional Manager at Nicor Drilling Company, Southern Region, Lafayette, LA where his duties included managing day work, footage and turnkey operations. Southern Region revenue at that time was approximately $100 million. He was also responsible for all necessary activities for the profit center management capital and operating budgets for a twenty- three (23) rig operation and reported to the company President at the headquarters in Tulsa, OK. At OIME (Subsidiary of Parker Drilling), Odessa, TX; he was Vice President of Manufacturing, responsible for developing drilling rig and oilfield equipment specifications and component selection for national rigs, platform rigs, arctic rigs, helicopter and foreign rigs along with satisfying operator's needs for drilling and related requirements. He was also responsible for profit and loss, all manufacturing and rig-up activities including mobilization of rigs domestically and internationally for a seven hundred employee operation. He directed and supervised maintenance program, metal shop, machine shop, machinery fabrication, assembly operation, rig-up and fabrication activities, materials planning, manufacturing engineering, final rig-up assembly with operating personnel and operators and rig plot plans along with development design and rig-up component design. At Pool Company, International Division, Houston, TX, he worked as Senior Operations Engineer, responsible for purchase, rig-up, and operation of forty (40) rigs in thirteen (13) countries from an operation standpoint.

Mr. Allen worked also as Corporate Director of Equipment in Zapata Corporation, Houston, TX, wherein he reviewed daily operations and worked with operation personnel and customers on a daily basis handling all customer complaints and critical operating situations. He was responsible for construction and operation of jackups, semis, platform rigs, boats, and menhaden fish processing, bulk and product packing. He also prepared operation prognosis and managing of a $60 million maintenance budget along with return-on-investment and establishing applicable contract rates and terms. At Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Houston, TX; he was Senior Operations Engineer, where he Prepared AFE's for oil & gas wells, processing, chemical packaging and projects and development with specifications, prognosis, and bid tenders. He then worked on onshore, offshore and overseas projects including Libya, Nigeria, and the North Sea. He also performed assignments in chemical and coal operations.

Mr. Allen's experience in the food industry included Plant Project Engineer, General Foods Corporation, Houston, TX; wherein he was responsible for Chemical Plant project engineering, construction and maintenance of a 600 plant employees. Duties consisted of design modification and installation of one of the largest refrigeration units ever built for freeze dried product and cooking operations; high speed packaging of products in vacuum packed cans, boxes, glass and flexible containers and bulk materials. Prior to that, he was Division Project Engineer, Frito-Lay, Inc., Dallas, TX, where he was responsible for day-to-day operating performance, plant construction and installations of plant manufacturing equipment, equipment modifications, project management, maintenance supervision and programs for packaging products in cans, glass, and flexible packages and bulk containers. At Hunt Foods Corporation, Houston, TX, he was Project Engineer, responsible for construction management and operations work relative to drilling equipment, refineries and small gas plants and mobilization to international locations as well as processing of vegetable oils and other food products and packing at high speeds in glass, cans, and flexible packages, warehousing and shipping operations.

Earlier experience included a Project Engineer at Arthur Young & Co., Management and Services Division, Dallas, TX, wherein he was responsible for design and fabrication of drilling equipment, gas & chemical processing equipment, food products, metal products and building materials manufacturing. He was also responsible for production cost studies, cost analysis, budgets, plant and maintenance programs at various locations and assisted in start-up operations. In addition, he worked as a process operator and repair and maintenance mechanic while attending college at Shell Oil Company, Midland, TX, and at Phillips Petroleum Corporation, Odessa, TX wherein he worked on drilling rigs in the West Texas area as roughneck, derrickman and driller.


Dr. Ramu Rao, Senior Vice President for Manufacturing

Dr. Rao is Professor of Food Science at the Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA; with expertise in utilization of rice bran and sugar cane and food preservation. Major areas of interest are Food process engineering; Economic utilization of agricultural byproducts; Post-harvest technology of rice; Environmental pollution.

Dr. Rao is closely associated with TII, has provided, and is providing active consultation on many projects. Currently he is consulting at TII on the development of a process for production of long shelf life mango and strawberry juice without the need of refrigeration, preservation of fresh dates, and meet irradiation. He also consulted at TII for a project funded by US Army NATICK on dehydration of dental meals using ultrasonic radiation.

Dr. Rao conducted various research and development projects in several areas, including food process engineering; food industries engineering; synthetic foods and dietary substitutes; and food science. He performed and managed advanced food research in food preservation; food fats and oils; food enzymes and food additives; and marine food products.

Dr. Rao professional experience includes: Director of Research (Food & Drugs), Associated Medical Enterprises, Princeton, NJ; Professor, Acting Head, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor (Food Science), Louisiana State University (LSU), Baton Rouge, LA; Technical Advisor to Government of South Vietnam on food preservation problems, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Dr. Rao holds a Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, and M.S., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA; B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, TX; B.SC. University of Mysore, India. He was U.S. Atomic Energy Fellow, Louisiana State University.

Dr. Rao developed and/or taught several graduate courses at LSU, including: Food Process Engineering; Food Industries Engineering; Synthetic Foods & Dietary Substitutes; Seminar in Food Science; Advanced Food Research in food Preservation; Advanced Food Research in Food Fats and Oils; Advanced Food Research in Food Enzymes and Food Additives; Advanced Food Research in Marine Food Products.

Dr. Rao contributed to juried or refereed publications including:

Member of the editorial board, CRC Press

Reviewed in excess of one hundred research papers for J. Food Science, J. Food & Agricultural Chemistry

Reviewed numerous (in excess of 25) research proposals to USDA, NIH and other State and Federal agencies

Dr. Rao was awarded several Grants and Contracts from: US Department of Agriculture-ARS; MidWest Grain Processors, Kansas; MidWest Grain Processors, Kansas; Energenetics, Inc., Iowa; U.S. Department of Interior, Office of Water Resources Scientific Information; Peter Cooper Corporation, Chicago, Illinois; General Mills, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Intralox, Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana; Morgan City Freezer and Cold Storage, Inc.; Wallace menhaden Industry, New Orleans, Louisiana; Louisiana Sea Grant Programs, Advisory Services to Louisiana Fish and Shellfish Industries; Atomic Energy Commission project on radiation preservation of Gulf shellfish.

Dr. Rao contributes to various Professional Organizations: Professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists; Canadian Institute of Food Technologists Economic utilization agricultural byproduct utilization; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Chairman, Institute of Food Technologists (Gulf Coast Section) 1977-1979; Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Food Science Society (Louisiana Chapter).


Dr. A. David Rossin, Advisor & Board Member

Dr. A. David Rossin is a Center Affiliated Scholar, Center for International Security and Arms Control, Stanford University. He was President of the American Nuclear Society (1992-93) and served as Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, USDOE, in 1986-87. Prior to this he was Director of the Nuclear Safety Analysis Center at EPRI and, directed and conducted research on energy and environmental problems at Commonwealth Edison Co. and Argonne National Laboratory.


Dr. Judy Rae Allen, Vice President for Marketing

At Technology International Incorporated (TII), Ms. Allen is Manager of Innovative Technology Transfer and Specialist in Health Care and Education. She has been active in leading the efforts in creation of new programs, including health care, economic development, and technology education. She is currently developing a program to introduce oil education in school curricula. She is also developing concepts for a theme park for representation of cultural, social, geographic, demographic, and historic aspects of oil producing states and countries. The park will involve technological and scientific exhibits and models. The theme park is expected to be located in Kuwait. Furthermore, she is coordinating company interfaces with other industries and local and State organizations, and supervising transfer of technology activities to the areas of education and training. Her expertise includes: technology enabling and communication facilitation.

Ms. Allen also served as Executive Director of the Greater Lafayette Health Care Forum (HCF), a non-profit corporation for community and economic development in the area of health care and biomedical science research and development. The Greater Lafayette HCF mission commits to the well-being of the people of Acadiana by promoting health care, education, and economic development. During her services, Ms. Allen is performing a host of services and has carried out various assignments, including: participation in advisory boards and organization of international, national, state, and local business, trade, technology transfer, and community service forums to enhance economic development, assistance to families and youth at risk, health care, handling of trauma and emergency services including ambulance service and care providing, elderly and retiree well being, financing opportunities, innovations, education quality, and information exchange.

As Education Consultant, for the Louisiana College System (June 5-20, 1989), Ms. Allen provided educational consulting services in the areas of higher level thinking skills, principles of student learning, student learning styles, metacognitive study strategies for students, effective school management, and school based management.

As Educational Representative/Consultant (1987-1989), Ms. Allen provided education consulting services for developing comprehensive social studies and science curriculum for grades K-12. She provided demonstrations and teacher training for hands-on application of process learning systems for teachers of life and earth science. She also conducted demonstration of teaching with students in geography, life science, and social science.

Ms. Allen also served on the State Department of Education for Special Plan Upgrading Reading (SPUR) as the Program's State Legislative Liaison (1985-1987) and Technical Assistant for Region IV (Acadiana-8 Parishes). The SPUR program impacted teachers and students, and provided inservice training (including research, documentation, and references) for superintendents, principals, and administrators. Training packets, included: teaching skills, mathematics, language, reading, problem solving, parents participation, standards and quality, and accreditation.

Prior to that, Ms. Allen was Special Education On-campus Coordinator/Speech and Hearing Therapist, where she coordinated the school sight services for curriculum and instruction for (2) schools with the district's Associate psychologist, school counselor, and educational Diagnostition, was directly responsible for education of emotionally disturbed students under direction of the consulting Psychiatrist and the ARD Committee, performed as a Speech Pathologist to elementary, junior and senior level students, and taught minimal brain injured students, grades 1-3, in reading, math and perceptual training.

Ms. Allen holds an M. Ed. from Sam Houston State University (1979) and a B.F.A. from Texas Christian University (1965). She attended several continuing education programs, including: mastery of Learning, coaching, teacher evaluation, communication Ms. Allen, has participated in, and/or attended, various workshops, seminars and meetings on business, inventions, new technology transfer, industry-educational institution cooperation approaches, innovations.

Ms. Allen held various positions in professional organizations, including: Lafayette Citizens for Public Education, Beacon Ltd, Learning Disability School Board, Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce: Education Committee, Women Business Owners Association of Acadiana, Southwest Education Development Laboratories, Acadiana International Business Council, American Heart Association, Louisiana Citizens for Fiscal Reform, and International Reading Association.

Ms. Allen is certified in Speech and Hearing Therapy, as teacher for Socially Maladjusted and Emotionally Disturbed, as School Principal, and as Parish/City School Supervisor of Instruction.


Kristy Kugler Falterman, Assistant to the President & Director of Administration

Ms. Kugler is Director of Administration at TII. She is also a Computer Multimedia Production Manager, responsible for integration of illustrations, video, text and audio; editing; and production. She has produced the ASL/English Science Dictionary CD-ROM set and the ASL Math Tutor prototype CD-ROM. In creation of the CD-ROM she scanned the illustrations and labeled them, captured the video and audio on CD after recording on the hard disk using Buzz and Adobe Premiere for editing. She also formatted the text in HTML.


Past Officers